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Farm Camp Registration is Open!

Hi! I’m Ruthann, the new Education and PR Specialist at NOMAD, and am looking forward to invaluable learning and using my gifts and experience to further the mission of NOMAD Farms.  I have loved all the rain this week, as it does its work in soaking the pastures and garden, and then inviting me to curl up with hot tea in the evening. We are excited to tell you about the first NOMAD Farms Summer Camp.  This year’s camp is June 22-26, 9 am - 2 pm, for children ages 6-12.  We have limited space, so please include a $50 deposit with registration to reserve your spot. You can print/scan/email or use a stamp and the post box to register.  Come prepared to get dirty, work hard, play hard, enjoy and care for the land!

Click this link to download the Registration form.pdf

If you are interested in volunteering as a helper (ages 13 and up), download the Volunteer Sign-up form.pdf


Internship Opportunity at NOMAD Farms, LLC


An internship position earning a monthly stipend.  NOMAD Farms ( is a clean food meat production family farm.  Our humanely raised animals are the centerpiece of the farm and enjoy the cleanliness of fresh, rotated pasture to live and feed on.   We’re dedicated not only to healthy foods and sustainable stewardship, but to sharing this land and model with the community.  For our patrons, we are offering a point of connection with the land and a destination for good food and good relationships.   This is much more than just a farm.


The available position is a skill-development internship aimed at equipping the intern with practical farm experience that will enhance any resume, especially on career trajectories in the sphere of agriculture and/or sustainability.   Responsibilities include assistance in daily farm operations, like feeding and caring for animals, mending fences, managing soil health, working in our large scale garden and processing/packaging produce and meat for sale.  The intern will represent the farm at local farmer’s markets and interact with visitors on our farm tours.  By learning detailed operations of the farm and assisting in the development and implementation of new strategies, this intern will gain skills and insight for farm operations and management.


This internship will last approximately seven (7) months (May 1 to November 30, 2015).  Compensation will include a $700/month stipend for 35-40 hour work weeks for the first 4 months, and would be expected to drop back to 12 hour work weeks from September to November, as we would prefer for this intern to be a college student.  Those final three months earn a stipend of $400/mo.  Housing is not included, but lunches on the farm will be provided on work days. 


Qualifications: Above all, honesty, integrity, a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn.  No farming experience necessary, but the candidate must be physically fit and willing to work in all weather conditions with a smile.  Good people skills are strongly desired as most everything we do includes interaction with the community.  Valid driver’s license and legal work status in the US required, as well as a current tetanus shot.  

First Processing Day! May 15

We're excited about this Thursday's chicken processing day!  There is a limited quantity of chicken available this first time around, so email us ( to pre-order and secure your birds!  

On Saturday we practiced with our new equipment (these machines are awesome!) and it went great.  Our family came for Mother's Day weekend and pitched in.   We did four birds and learned how to streamline the process.  Tonight we cook our first bird...looking forward to tasting the fruit of our labor! 

We want as many folks as possible to experience the difference in pasture-raised chicken, so get the word out to your food health-conscious friends.  Pick up starts at 2:00 pm, and you can come on Friday or Saturday (9:00 - 5:00) if Thursday doesn't work for you.  After Saturday, anything left will be professionally packaged for freezing and can be picked up at any time.  It's gonna be a celebration!


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