New stock of fresh pasture raised beef at NOMAD!

Hurry to the NOMAD Farms Log Cabin Store and stock up on fresh, no-nonsense pasture raised beef today!  We just got it back from the butcher, and this is absolutely the most beautiful, delicious grass fed beef you will ever taste.  And the best part?  It was raised with integrity right here on the chemical-free meadows of NOMAD Farms.  Did you see the cover story in Consumer Reports this month on the dangers of grocery store beef?  It's not worth the risk, folks, plain and simple.

Healthy living can't be separated from healthy eating, guys.  The good news is that eating good-for-you NOMAD meat products is a mouth watering pleasure!


Also in stock: we just got a beautiful lamb back from the butcher and expect to have a whole pork available by cut in the farm store by the end of next week, too.  Thanksgiving turkeys and coming soon and free range eggs are in plenty.  And, of course, the Log Cabin Store is well stocked with our much-heralded pasture raised chicken--have you tried one of these things?!?  They are outrageously good, and full of nutrition to boot.  With our current special (buy 8 get one FREE!) people are stocking up for the winter months.  These chickens are raised on grass, and when it turns brown next month we have to stop raising chickens until spring 2016.  Don't get caught having to go back to grocery store chicken (or better than that, going without chicken) until spring.  Put a few in your freezer this week!


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    "Pastured Poultry" I love it! Continued best wishes to you guys.

    -- DC

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    Wow thank you for sharing this comparison. Very eye opening and disturbing!!!!!!!

    -- Tina

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    Great article, Dana! You really broke things down well!

    -- Denys