Playmates. Ten-Years-in-Tibet, 52.2

As I select the second photo I realize a resolution to post one picture a week is more ambitious than I imagined.  This morning I am overwhelmed by thousands of pictures from the Tibetan Plateau, each one a part of a decade-long story.  I could make a picture book to portray highs and lows, miracles and tragedies but I can hardly choose ONE picture for every week.  I look at the photos and marvel that we were actually there with naked eyes and watched it all unfold in living color.   This picture was taken in February of 2006 on our first scouting trip to the wilderness town where God paved the way for us to move a few months later.  Little did we know that Ellis would grow up with the fellow six month old boy she is meeting here and that the great grandpa who is introducing them would become a beloved friend.  This could be first in a time line of pictures showing these two children together.  Notice how Dorjee has a rope tied round his waist - this is the standard guard rail or "play pen" which prevents the child from getting burned in the ashes or at the dung-burning stove that is central to every Nomad home.  This way the child can be left for hours at a time while the adults are away tending livestock in the fields.  Don't worry, we never tried it.

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