Take the Money and Run! Ten-Years-in-Tibet 52.5

Start the one week count down to Tibetan Lunar New Year!  February 8th is fast approaching so  take this picture of Ellis as a teaser for what comes next!

While in the USA there is a certain sigh and new year calm when January gets underway, in our old hometown on the Tibetan Plateau things are just revving up for the Lunar New Year Festival.  For weeks before the holiday every household prepares - cleaning the dung burning (or if you are a townie, electric) stove, smudged windows, and dirty-dirt floors.  Traditional cooking for hours and days (special dishes like chicken feet, pig head, varieties of fish if you're Chinese and yak and lamb-meat dumplings if you are Tibetan).  Shopping for or making the one new outfit each man, woman, and child will don for the year.  Everything must be new including your underwear if you can afford to buy.

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    "Pastured Poultry" I love it! Continued best wishes to you guys.

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    Wow thank you for sharing this comparison. Very eye opening and disturbing!!!!!!!

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    Great article, Dana! You really broke things down well!

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