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An Eye-Opening Comparison

Small farm hero Joel Salatin, in his 1993 blockbuster book Pastured Poultry Profit$, included a chart comparing chickens from his clean-and-green family farm to those you can buy in a conventional grocery store.  Reading that chart took me aback, and now that we are providing pasture raised chicken, I have modified his chart to reflect what we are doing at NOMAD Farms--comparing our birds with grocery store birds.  *All entries listed in red below also apply to nearly all "Certified Organic" chickens.  Just because it is "organic" doesn't necessarily mean it is healthy!  Are you ready for this?


NOMAD Farms Chicken  Conventional Chicken
Unvaccinated                                                                                        Vaccinated (immuno-suppressant)                                             
Full, natural beak Debeaked (cannibalism a problem)
Probiotics (immuno-stimulant)                                   Antibiotics (immuno-depressant)
Composting litter in brooder (sanitized
   through decomposition)
Sterilized litter (toxic fumigants and sprays)

Practically no ammonia vapor (little smell) *Hyper-ammonia toxicity (stench)
Natural light *No natural light
Rest at night--lights off

Artificial lighting 24/7 (sleeping birds
   don't grow as quickly)
No medications Routine medications
No hormones Routine hormones
No appetite stimulants Routine appetite stimulants (arsenic)
Small groups (200 or fewer) *Huge groups (10,000 or more)
Low stress *High stress
Clean air

*Air hazy with fecal particulate (damages
   respiratory tract, pulls vitamins from body)
Fresh air and sunshine *Limited air, practically no sunshine
Plenty of exercise *Limited exercise (burns calories, slows growth)
Live on fresh grass 24 hours/day after first week
   of life, hand moved twice daily to new grass
*No green material or bugs

Animal friendly protective shelters that
   move around farm
 Packed tightly into longhouses

Short transport to processing (on farm) *Long transport to processing (stressful)
Killed by precise and small throat slit
   (per Biblical directives--see Leviticus)
 *Killed by electric shock (inhibits bleeding
   after throat is slit)
Carefully hand eviscerated and cleaned

*Mechanically eviscerated (prone to breaking
   intestines, spilling feces over carcass)
Customer AND NCDA inspection

*Government inspections only
   (customer forbidden to see)
No injections during processing Routine injections (tenderizers, dyes...)
Sick birds placed in isolation for second
   chance--most get well)
Sick birds destroyed immediately

Manure falls onto grass/soil to fertilize pastures
   naturally--efficient nutrient cycling)
Manure fed to cattle or spread in ways that cause
   water pollution and taxpayer clean-ups
Fresh air and sunshine sanitize processing area *Toxic germicides sanitize processing facility
Cooking loss ±9% carcass weight Cooking loss ±20% carcass weight
Low saturated fat High saturated fat
No chlorine baths Up to 40 chlorine baths (to kill contaminants)
No irradiation FDA-approved irradiation (label not required)
Environmentally responsible Environmentally destructive (toxic run-off, hidden costs...)
Promotes family farming Promotes feudal/serf agriculture
Decentralized food system Centralized food system
Promotes entrepreneurial spirit Promotes low wage/time-clock employment
Consumer-producer relationship Consumer-producer alienation
Rich, delicious taste Poor, flat taste
Edible  Inedible

(*Items in red above also apply to nearly all "certified organic" chicken.)

How about stopping by NOMAD Farms this week for some fresh, healthy pastured chicken?  Or see our What's Happening page to find out how to get chicken delivered free--with a free gift!


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    "Pastured Poultry" I love it! Continued best wishes to you guys.

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    Wow thank you for sharing this comparison. Very eye opening and disturbing!!!!!!!

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    Great article, Dana! You really broke things down well!

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