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Nomad Tibetan Mastiffs 2015 Litters Just Born!


This was a big weekend for NOMAD Farms and NOMAD Tibetan Mastiffs. 


Many of you know that when we moved to North Carolina after a ten-year tenure on the “Rooftop of the World” in “The Land of Snows,” three beloved Tibetan Mastiffs boarded the plane for America with us.  It had taken more than two months of standing in China lines for physical exams, permission slips, stamped papers, and dog passports to pull off this immigration.  So August 7, 2013 was a fine day when we let the dogs out of travel crates to potty on American soil in the RDU Airport cargo terminal.  From Tibet to Tobaccoville, Nora Sangje (red dam), Earnest Shackleton (gold sire), and Burleigh Heads (traditional black sire) were beginning life in their New World.  Earnest’s sister, Jashie (name means “blessing” in Tibetan), had flown ahead of the other three five months earlier and was waiting at NOMAD Farms on the day we drove from the airport to take residence. 


Fast forward to the present.  Based on our first sight of Nora and Burleigh’s “getting together” and by my calculation, Nora’s puppy litter was due last Friday.  We could not be so sure about Jashie’s due date as Burleigh chose a more private time for their rendezvous.  Friday passed without signs of labor but Saturday morning we awoke to find the first three of Nora’s pups already born and tucked in the back of the dog house.  With gentle coaxing, Mark was able to lead Nora into the whelping box (a kind of crib that Bowen and David had built for birthing and nursing puppies under the house) and this just before number four emerged, sealed in her amniotic sac.  Nora methodically tore away the sac, carefully snipped the umbilical cord with her teeth and began cleaning the next of what would be eight healthy pups.  Nora’s mothering instincts are sharp.  She labored long and then napped and fed her babies for the rest of the day.


Late afternoon we discovered Jashie had started labor.  Pheromones are for real!  Jashie settled in her personal whelping box where she would deliver her first litter of five thriving puppies.  Nora’s eight plus Jashie’s five equals a proud papa of all thirteen puppies.  Burleigh says, “ Cigars to all hearty congratulators!”


A year ago we were delighted to welcome Nora & Earnest’s first litter of eight pups.  These TMs are now spread out across the USA (+1 in Canada) where, by all reports and pictures from nurturing families, they have grown to an average 125 lbs of world class splendor.  It is awe-inspiring to see how such a tiny bundle can grow to lion-stature in a year’s time.  Cells multiply, manes and tails grow, colors change, and distinctive personalities develop in just a few months’ time.  In the winter issue of Modern Farmer I read an interview with B.J. Novak, the actor who plays an intern on the sitcom, “The Office.”  Well, the guy is moving to a farm in real life and said this about it: “A friend of mine has a theory that those who live closer to where food is grown are more religious.  Because when you see how food is actually created, instead of just seeing it in a package in a store in a city, it gives you a real sense of awe.  And I love that and would like to be closer to that.”  This observation may resonate with visitors to NOMAD Farms.  And the same sentiment expressed about the source of food can apply to the untrained and intricate knowledge of a mother dog to care for her pups and the transformation of these from birth to adulthood in less than a year’s time.   Awe-inspiring.


The same pup from four days to eleven months old





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