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How Can I Pitch In? (Volume 6) EGG CARTONS!

People are always asking how they can get involved and help out at the farm.  Right now, one way to do that is to save your used egg cartons (ones you buy from NOMAD Farms or recycle your grocery store cartons with us).  Our laying hens are goin' at it at this time of year, so we need your recycled cartons to put them in...there are enough egg cartons going into land fills that we shouldn't have to buy them and pass the charge on to our customers.  Repurpose those babies!

Bring your empty egg cartons by the Log Cabin Farm Store when you come here to shop or take a tour.  Or bring them to us at the Cobblestone Farmers Market each Saturday or church or wherever you are likely to see us.  We prefer the clear plastic ones like the ones you see in the picture above, but we will take cardboard ones as well.  No styrofoam, please.

Other things to bring to help out: paper bags from the grocery store (we use them to let our customers take purchases home in), compostable material (clean, please--no wrappers or meat chunks!  We can't take time to separate garbage), or a chunk of a perennial garden plant or flower for beautifying our wood lines and beds (dig up a shovel full of a split hosta or lily or hydrangea and bring it in a plastic pot or bag).  

This is a team effort !  We want to share the beauty of this place with you, and every contribution from our patrons is a win for sustainable agriculture.


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    "Pastured Poultry" I love it! Continued best wishes to you guys.

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