No hormones, antibiotics, or genetic modifications.

Grass fed. Better than Free Range. Ethical Treatment. Fresh Pasture Daily.
Why stop at “organic” when you can go all the way to healthy?


See our current 2019 Price List for pricing on all cuts of NOMAD meat products.


Pasture Raised Chicken
& Farm-Fresh Eggs

Whole broilers, pre-cut whole birds, and packaged necks, livers, etc. are available now in the freezer section of the NOMAD Farms log cabin store.  Come see what's available (more is always coming!)   We are now set up to take credit and debit cards as well as cash and check.

2019 pastured chickens greeting up!  Now that our meadows of fresh grass are growing again, we will soon have chicken in the Log Cabin Store all the time.  Frozen chicken (whole and all cuts) are available now.  See our What's Happening page for updates and how we expect to improve our product as time goes on.

We sell whole, dressed chickens, usually between 3.8 and 4.9 pounds--that's a big chicken!  We also sell boneless, skinless breasts and tenders, leg/thigh quarters, and wings.  Bags of livers, hearts, gizzards, soup sets, necks or feet--yes, feet, for the best stock flavor and consistency known to man--are also available.  See the 2019 Price Chart at the top of this page for current pricing.

Click on Place Your Order at the bottom of the page to reserve the best chicken you will ever eat.

Drop by the NOMAD Farms Log Cabin Store anytime to see what is in stock.



We Regret that we have temporarily suspended our Egg enterprise

We hate not supplying the best eggs in the Triad, but we were losing money on our model.  Our philosophy is it's better not to offer them than to compromise on the model.  However, our neighbors, the Murray Family, has a back yard brood that meets our rigorous cleanliness standards and we are proud to partner with them to sell a few dozen a week in the Log Cabin Farm Store.

Grass Fed Beef

Cows eat salad!  We are currently stocked with beef by the cut (see link to price list above) in the NOMAD Farms Log Cabin Store.  We expect bulk beef be available in the fall, sold by weight with discount pricing for high volume.   Several families have expressed interest in going in together with other families for whole or half sides.  The meat will go to a professional butcher and come to you nicely wrapped, and you can indicate how you would like things cut and packaged.   Limited quantities will be available this year and will be sold first come, first served.   Send us an email to indicate your interest in a quarter or half side, or whole cow, and we will contact you regarding availability and timing. We will take orders on faith that you will follow through with purchase when butchering is done.

A side note.  Some people will tell you that grass fed beef is tougher than grain fed.  Not true.  Grass fed beef is leaner than fatty grocery store stuff, and should be cooked slightly differently—slowly on lower heat—to keep it from drying out. This is apples and oranges, folks, and you have to adjust your cooking to suit the meat!


Pasture Raised Turkey

After taking the 2016 season off from turkeys, they made a storming comeback to be more popular than ever.  Grown all summer to be processed and sold never-frozen a few days before Thanksgiving, these birds will be the pride of your holiday table.  as always, our turkeys sell out by pre-order.  Email us to reserve your 2019 turkey today.  


Pigs in Natural Habitat

This is our eighteen year old son, Bowen’s, exclusive enterprise.  He has carefully selected the piglets for this year’s herd and is handling the intricacies of heritage breeding for future generations of NOMAD Farms pigs.   Bowen’s daily chores revolve around keeping these precious pigs well fed and happy in an environment as close to “wild” as a pig could possibly want!  Drop by the NOMAD Farms Log Cabin Store to pick up fresh cuts of pork sold by the pound.  Pricing is available in the document linked above.  Bowen is also accepting end-of-season orders for whole and half pigs sold by the pound.  Your share will be ready for butcher and pick up this fall.



Fresh-Forage Lamb

David is our fifteen year-old, and he learned to shepherd in Tibet.  He raises his sheep on nothing but lush green pasture and rotates them onto fresh grass multiple times per day.  The result is a succulent lamb chop that is healthy and lean, raised to the highest ethical standards.  All cuts of lamb are now available in the NOMAD Farms Log Cabin Store and are sold by the pound.  David may also offer bulk pricing in the fall...stay tuned.


Veggies and Flowers

It is not our goal to compete with farmers markets and such, so we will have a small selection of hand-picked produce available on NOMAD Saturdays as they are harvested.   Ellis, our eleven year-old daughter, is planning some great cut flowers as well as edible flowers for sale this season.  Scottie, our fifteen year-old daughter, has grown some nice herbs she plans to sell in the Log Cabin Store here on the farm this year.


NOMAD Tibetan Mastiff Puppies

When we moved to North Carolina, we imported four of our favorite Tibetan Mastiffs.   We collected these Beauties from carefully chosen genetic lines for adding to the pastoral life of our farm and breeding these valuable “Lion Dogs.”   We are pleased to announce the birth of our eighth USA-Born Litter, the offspring of our prized “Schatzi” (Dam) and “Earnest” (Sire).  Litter was born on December 12, 2018 and will be ready for adoption in February 2019.  They have started pre-selling now, so email to see how many are left--We welcome inquiries about owning one (or more) of these rare and companionable dogs from this or future litters.

Educational Farm Tours

See our What's Happening page for an explanation of our fun filled, relaxing, enthusiastic and informative NOMAD Farm tours!  Call or email to schedule a group or custom tour any time!  Great for kids and exceptionally eye-opening for those who have ever questioned slippery labeling like "cage free," "organic," or "access to outdoors"--what does it all mean, and at the bottom line, IS IT HEALTHY?  IS IT GOOD FOR ME TO EAT?  That, friends, is the real question.  Come and find out what it all means, and what the most important labeling distinctives really are.

Suggested donation to the farm of $5/person or tours, 12 people minimum (infants free!)